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When two souls vow to unite forever and ever, the moment can’t be anything but perfect. Pushpanjali Wedding Craft by Sumalatha is that quintessential insider who can be depended upon to create beyond flawless memories of a wedding.

As a wedding planner with over a decade’s impeccable track record, Pushpanjali’s forte lies in original conceptualization, design aesthetics and innovative use of materials. They are one of the most sought after luxury event planners for savvy, sophisticated couples who demand top tier service and a world-class event. Whether it’s a wedding in Hyderabad or an exotic destination wedding, Pushpanjali handles a total turnkey act even as it delivers quality and satisfaction beyond expectations.

Apart from Hyderabad’s A-listers seeking to host lavish, to-be-remembered weddings, Pushpanjali is also the go to name for couples looking to plan weddings with fun, unusual themes. Planning, design and implementation – all are bespoke, tailored around the client’s lifestyle, personality and taste.

Pushpanjali Wedding Craft by Sumalatha. Ideal for the perfect moment.

Sumalatha, the brain behind Pushpanjali is singularly passionate about creative innovation and personalized attention.
Her love for nature and flowers in particular, led her to Smt. Meena Ananthanarayan, one of India’s earliest practitioners of the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana. Her innate artistic talents soon came to the fore and Sumalatha got the opportunity to display her work along with the best in the city.
Before long, hobby segued into profession. Sumalatha started off by tying up with five star hotels to make their flower installations. Her stunning and totally unique work captured the imagination of many and she started getting inquiries to handle event décor. Not one to hesitate, Sumalatha started her journey in event décor in 1996. Tradition-meets-innovation

became her signature style. With her strong background in Ikebana, she was able to skillfully blend all the elements of art and science to design the most elegant events.
With weddings becoming more lavish, Sumalatha widened her horizon to wedding planning, even as she continued to specialize in flower arrangements. Her artistic finesse, keen sense of beauty and uncompromising perfection transformed every venue into a place of beauty.
Perfect planning, meticulous coordination, excellent teamwork and her personalised execution style from design to direction to execution, continue to make Sumalatha one of the most sought after wedding planners in the City today. For her projects, Sumalatha has worked alongside top Tollywood art directors including Anand Sai, Ashok Kumar, Srinivas Raju, Ravinder Reddy, Vivek and others.